We don't stop hiking because we grow old, we grow old because we stop hiking. -- Finis Mitchell

People's Coast Classic: Day 2 and 3

Sorry for no post yesterday but the place we were staying at in Lincoln City didn't have wireless internet. So no update.

But here's how the trip has been going.

Yesterday was going to be the longest and have the most hills of the entire trip. It was just under 70 miles. We took off at about 7 AM and decided that since it was goign to be a tough day Team Brooklynn would "go postal." See the photo. USPS all the way!

We saw a number of sites including the Tillamook Cheese Factory. We took a tour. Ate some cheese and then went on our way.

We had some great views through out the day of the Oregon coast.

Near the end of the ride was a big big big hill that we had to climb. Once getting to the top it was nice rolling hills into Lincoln City.

At Lincoln City we camp in a baseball field. We claimed left field.

Today we took off at about 7 again and had a shorter day. We had hoped to stop and look for whales but the fog never lifted the whole day. However we did get to stop at the Oregon Coast Aquarium and view all they had. It's a pretty neat place if you ever get the chance to stop.

We arrived in Yachats after a little over 50 miles. The fog is still here and its pretty chilly with the wind. The mist swirls through camp.

Tomorrow is going to be about 65ish miles. And we'll be able to stop at the Sea Lion Caves.

Total miles is just over 178.

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