We don't stop hiking because we grow old, we grow old because we stop hiking. -- Finis Mitchell

Maybe another year

Sad news today from the Just Northwest offices. Do to some very unfortunate circumstances we won't be able to do the Wonderland Trail this year.

I am very very upset about this. I thought about doing it by myself, but decided that a 10 day solo backpack trip wasn't really the adventure I had in mind.

I wanted to share this trip with someone not just do it by myself. So I guess Jeff and I will have to try it another year.

Sad day.


  1. Casey.. don't bail on your dream trip just yet.

    You have a permit which is worth it's weight in gold... why not post on some local hiking websites looking for trip partners?

    You could also just show up.. half the permits are walk ups so chances are you won't be alone for much if at all.

    I did the timberline trail around Mt Hood solo.. granted, it was only 4 days.. but it was a great experience and really nice to have some time to myself..

    good luck either way.


  2. So sorry Casey! I wish so badly the circumstances were different so you both could make it. Just think, when you eventually do make the trip, it'll be that much sweeter! :)