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Climber summits Mount Rainier for 500th time

I saw this on The Adventure Guys blog. Pretty amazing.

At 6:10 this morning George Dunn stepped onto the 14,411-foot summit of Mount Rainier and into the record books.

The 56-year-old guide and director of Ashford’s International Mountain Guides became the first person to successfully climb the mountain 500 times.

Dunn and the six other members of his party left Ingraham Flats at about 11,000 feet shortly after midnight and battled less-than-optimal weather conditions on the way to the summit.

Completing the summit with Dunn was his 16 year-old son, his wife and Phil Ershler. This was Ershler's 440th time summiting Mount Rainier.

Dunn holds the record for the most summits of Mount Rainier and becomes the first to reach 500. Ershler, who completed this summit with Dunn, is number two with 400.

Only eight people have ever made it more than 300 times. The other five people are:

Brent Okita, 405
Craig Van Hoy, 378
Paul Maier, 371
Jason Edwards, 314
Gary Talcott, 304
Robert Link, 301

You can read the full story over at The Adventure Guys blog through The Tacoma News Tribune.

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  1. giddy up George Dunn! that's an amazing accomplishment.