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Man vs Wild: The video game

I saw this yesterday when Bear Grylls updated his Twitter page with this:

BearGrylls: Doing 1000 lines of voice over today for the man vs wild wii and playstation game. i always get quite tongue tied at these things!

Once I saw this I knew I had to do some research.

Apparently, Discovery Communications has partnered with the video game publisher Crave to turn not only Man vs. Wild into a video game, but also Deadliest Catch. Both of these shows are two of the Discovery Channels highest rated.

In the Man vs. Wild game, players will be able to control a character under the guidance of host and survival expert Bear Grylls. They will use survival skills in a number of different landscapes, situations and climates.

In the Deadliest Catch game, players will be the captain of a crab boat and will have to navigate the Bering Sea. They will try to collect fishing pots to make a profit.

Deadliest Catch will launch this spring and Man vs. Wild will be out by the end of 2011.

Since I happen to have a Wii and am a Bear Grylls fan, I will have to get this game. If nothing else so I can give Mario Kart a rest.


  1. Are you serious?! This will be an insane step in gaming. I don't own a wii but I may have to go out and buy one. Bear Grylls is the man!

  2. Sounds interesting - glad I have a Wii. Wonder if we'll start 'level' by jumping out of an airplane?