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Duthie Hill mountain bike park

In case you missed it, yesterday the Seattle Times had a great article about a new mountain bike park that is going in near Issaquah, WA.

You can read the full article here.

Since I'm currently located in the Issaquah area, I was stoked to read this article. The place sounds awesome.

It features the world's longest log ride, a boardwalk, huge drops, wooden structures and varying levels of difficulty throughout. That means both the expert and the beginner can have fun at the park.

The Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance worked to get the park built in cooperation with King County Parks. Currently EMBA members have volunteered over 6,000 hours of work on the park. I also found out the schedule and we're planning on heading out there to help.

The grand opening of the park is on May 22. But that will just complete Phase One of the park. Phase Two is expected to be completed in April 2011.

And you can bet that in the near future the Northern Rangers will be out there for a ride and video.


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