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Bear Grylls World Scout Emblem

If you've been watching the second half of Man vs. Wild Season 4, then you might have noticed a patch that Bear Grylls is now wearing on the right sleeve of his shirts and jackets.

Here's a few pictures of that patch:

Now for those of you who aren't involved in the Boy Scouts, you might not recognize that patch. However, I knew what it was right away.

That patch is the World Scout Emblem.

It is worn by Scouts and those involved with Scouting around the world.

Here's a little history about the patch:

The patch has always had the same design. The patch is one-inch in diameter, in the same two colors. The design is the international fleur-de-lis (flower of the lily), with two stars symbolizing "truth" and "knowledge" and alluding to the outdoor nature of Scouting, surrounded by a rope symbolic of unity and one-ness ties at the bottom by a square knot, a symbol of service. Those white items are on a deep, royal purple background.

Last year I wrote a post about how Grylls was named the New Chief Scout in the UK. I'm glad to see that through him Scouts is getting some attention. Even if it is just in a patch.


  1. Were you a Scout Casey? I am an Eagle Scout myself, and very proud of it. Good to see some hi profile exposure for Scouting.

  2. Hey Chris! Yes, I am an Eagle Scout too. Actually, coming up on 10 years. March 15, 2000. Hard to believe it was that long ago. I was really glad to see Bear wearing this patch. Might get more people interested in scouting.

  3. I hadn't noticed that. Great exposure for Scouting!

  4. Yea I noticed that to the other night when I was watchin his newer episodes that he was wearing it. I thought it was pretty neat so I am getting a few myself rather than pulling it off my old uniform. I figure I will attach them to backpacks and some other gear that I use on outdoor advantures and see if anyone else recognized it on the trails.

  5. i noticed it too...
    by the way I'm a senior scout of the Philippines.
    i wish everyone's fine.

  6. I just noticed it straight away. Go scouts!

  7. Matt & Conner(6)June 19, 2012 at 3:38 PM

    my 6 year old son has just joined our local beaver detachment after seeing Bear grylls wearing the scout badge, he has now earned his own badge by doing his oath of allegiance.
    so yes Bear wearing a scout badge is gaining u.k scouting good publicity.

  8. i saw the episode and the patched looked familiar so i lookes up if he was a boy scout

  9. I was all excited to see Bear representing Scouts everywhere. Go Scouts!

  10. Thank you for sharing this info. We are new to the Scouts with a Wolf and a Lion. And first-year Pack Leaders... I have a lot to learn.

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  12. I noticed it and was so proud! You rock it Bear!