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Bear Grylls to host new Discovery show

It may seem like I've been talking about Bear Grylls on the site a lot lately, but the truth is that that guy is just entertaining to watch.

Some of the stuff that he does is just incredible. Plus, he's just such a fun host to watch.

Well Bear finally updated his blog and while Man vs. Wild is experiencing their highest rated season ever, it looks like Bear will be taking on another project as well.

According to his blog:

I am now in LA filming this new Worst case Scenario show for Discovery. I was pretty nervous starting this (not sure why I was so nervous - maybe because it is just new for me) - but it has been amazing so far and I am in my element.

We have been doing scenarios involving dog attacks, failing elevators, car brakes, muggers, burning wrecks, car crashes, blackouts, you name it, and I feel like a kid in a candy store!

These will prove to be great shows I hope, and like Man Vs Wild they depend on a great team.

He also goes on to say that if you happen to see him in LA stop and say hello. I'd love to just be walking down the street and bump into Bear. I'd ask him to make a fire. Oh, and give him a high-five.

And if you think that the things Bear does are impressive, wait until next week's episode of Man vs. Wild where we get to see the behind-the-scenes of the show. This means the cameramen that do the same things Bear does (only with a camera in hand).

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