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Seattle bus rules for bikers

If you bike commute to your bus in King County, then you better pay attention.

Beginning February 6, King County Metro Transit will allow bicyclists to load and unload bicycles at any regular bus stop in downtown Seattle’s Ride Free Area at any time of the day.

This will be a one year trial period. Before this, riders were only allowed to load bicycles at certain times of the day. Mainly they weren't allowed to load them during rush hour commutes.

The Cascade Bicycle Club gave these tips for riders to help ensure the success of the program:
  • Always alert the bus driver prior to loading or unloading a bike;
  • Make sure the driver acknowledges you before stepping in front of a bus;
  • Be aware of traffic around you when loading and unloading your bike; and
  • Use caution in stepping up and down from high curbs.
With the huge increase of bikers that ride to a certain location, then catch the bus the rest of the way into work, I think this is a great program. We'll see in a year how effective it was.

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