We don't stop hiking because we grow old, we grow old because we stop hiking. -- Finis Mitchell

Poo Poo Point

The Northern Rangers headed up to Poo Poo Point in Issaquah, WA. It was a great hike on an awesome winter day in Washington.

Here's some of the other times that we've hiked up Poo Poo Point.

Poo Poo Point Trail

The Ten Essentials

Trekking Poles


  1. Awesome ! Funny ! ( I have the same idea every time I hear "poo poo..." :))
    The final scene, on top of the hill - better than pics ! ( may be, just give more panorama to your viewers)

  2. Paul, Glad you liked the video! And I'll make sure to get some panoramic shots, when we're at places like the point, with great views. Thanks for watching!