We don't stop hiking because we grow old, we grow old because we stop hiking. -- Finis Mitchell

New kayaks

Last week I did a post about a few of my outdoor adventure goals for 2010.

One of those items I already completed, and that was to buy my own sea kayak.

This weekend I just happened across a listing on craigslist.org about a pair of sea kayaks. One was 18 feet and one was 16 feet.

Since my fiance really enjoys kayaking we were planning on finding her a kayak too.

Well, the deal was amazing and we got two kayaks that have only been used about five times. They are pretty much brand new. No scratches, no wear, just plain awesome condition. We also got two carbon fiber paddles (awesome!) and two spray skirts. Like I said, it was an amazing deal.

I am so excited to hit the water.

Here's some pictures of them. Mine is a yellow, 18 foot, Pacific Water Sports Osprey. Linds' is a purple, 16 foot Pacific Water Sports Sea Otter.

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  1. Nice boats...if you don't mind me asking...how good of deal was it? How much did you pay?