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iPhone app to scare bears

Today I stumbled upon an article in the Aspen Daily News Online about a new iPhone application that was for bears. And I laughed out loud.

Apparently Alex Tiger (no wonder why he's scared of bears) invented an app called the "Scare Bear Trail Companion."

This app is downloadable for 99 cents and is supposed to do as it's name suggests, scare bears. By shaking the iPhone, users are able to recreate digital versions of sounds like bear bells, air horns and hands clapping.

The article states that Tiger, had hoped the application would allow people to alert bears that they're coming without the use of cumbersome tools like actual bear bells or horns.

Now here's the catch. The application is still limited by the power of the iPhone speakers. Which happens to not be nearly as loud as actually clapping your hands, or actually having a horn.

Because of this, the app is listed as a novelty item. But still, how many people would seriously ever use this?

I don't have an iPhone, nor will I ever get one, but there is no way that I'd be like, "I'm going on a hike today. Thank goodness I have my Scare Bear app."

To me, the best part of hitting the trail is leaving my cell phone off. I'll bring it for an emergency, but it's off and in my backpack. I'm out to enjoy nature, not get texts from ESPN.

And what if it's a multiday hike? Sure hope you have a solar charger.

Heck with that. I'll deal with a bear bell, or actually clapping my own hands. I'll also follow these rules and stay safe without Scare Bear.

And what if the bear charges? Is there an app for bear spray? Better hope so.

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