We don't stop hiking because we grow old, we grow old because we stop hiking. -- Finis Mitchell

Snow place like home

There is no better time to experience the outdoors, then in the winter. As a young boy, I had the great opportunity to learn from my Scoutmaster the proper ways to camp in the snow. What follows is my first winter campout.

“Load up the minivan boys!” Scoutmaster Ratchet shouted. “Let’s head to the mountain.”

“What do you mean you need a toilet Scoot? We just left 15 minutes ago!”

“Of course I meant to hit that ice patch and put the van in the ditch Casey. Now get out and help the others push.”

“No Scoot, I don’t think it would help if I got out of the van. My cocoa would get cold.”

“Great job with the van boys, but now it will be dark when we get to camp.”

"And that is why it is important to make sure you use all of the poles to set up your tent. Otherwise your tent collapses under the weight of the snow. Now get the shovels and dig me out."

“How did you lose the pot in the river Casey?”

"Don't worry Scoot, bears hibernate during the winter."

"Why yes, that frozen pond should be strong enough to walk on. Here I'll show you."

"See, always test the ice before you try to walk across it. Now go find some wood so I can dry my clothes."

"No Scoot, there are no sasquatch out. Sasquatch hibernate in the winter too."

"You see boys, the heat from the fire will melt the snow on the tree branches above you, causing it to fall. Now who wants to restart the fire?"

“And that’s why you never put your tent near fire. Nylon is highly flammable. Who wants to learn how to build a snowcave?”

"Badgers? I am not sure if badgers hibernate Scoot. Why do you ask?"

"Now remember boys, it is never a good idea to build your snowcave on a badger den. Hand me more gauze Casey."

"No Alex, I don't recommend taking a hot rock into your sleeping bag with you tonight to stay warm."

"No Casey, not a badger either."

"Cold oatmeal builds character. That was a test to see if any of you would put a tarp on the wood before bed."

“Why didn’t I cover the wood after you went to bed Casey? Now what kind of test would that be?”

"Alright boys, it seems someone left the headlights on and the battery went dead. Who wants to hike to town and call for help?"

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