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National Geographic Adventure closing

I came across an article today over at the adventure life that was talking about how National Geographic Adventure is closing up shop.

Another victim of the down economy and the shrinking of the journalism industry.

The article states that advertising for the magazine was down about 44%. That is never good news for a publication.

I personally didn't subscribe to the magazine but my dad did. He would pass along the issues when he was done. I enjoyed the articles and really liked the magazine. The main downside I saw with it (compared to Outside which I subscribe to) is that the adventures and trips that were talked about in National Geographic Adventure were usually globally and very expensive a/k/a nothing I could ever actually go on.

Outside and Backpacker (I use these as examples because I actually read these) seem to focus most of their attention on more regionally located trips. These would be trips that ordinary people or weekend warriors could take part in. Instead of having to go to New Zealand for a month long trip.

However, despite this more global focus, I did enjoy reading the articles in Adventure, and they always had some great photos.

With National Geographic Adventure folding, this gives outdoor and travel journalists one less publication to write for. But at the same time, it opens the door for another outdoor magazine to cover some of those trips that would have been focused on in Adventure. I guess we'll see what this means for outdoor journalists within the next year.

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  1. Why was advertising for the magazine down about 44%? From looking at the cover of this magazine, I think it is good and interesting magazine, isn't it? I like magazine about adventure.