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Man vs. Wild returns tomorrow on the Discovery Channel

It's finally that time. Time for new episodes of Man vs. Wild. You know the show, where Bear Grylls runs around in the wild and shows the viewers how to survive in areas that they will probably never visit.

But if the they did visit there, they would know how to survive.

Bear is amazing. Period.

Catch the new episodes starting tomorrow, August 19, at 9:00 PM on the Discovery Channel. Bear will be taking on the Alabama wild.

The Discovery Channel currently has a posting for Bear's Top 10 memories from the Alabama episode.

Here's that list:

10. The view across the Carpathians from the top of the grove (whilst hanging from the heli skids)

Finding that tree down the cliff face.

Grabbing the tree trunk while my raft went over the waterfall.

Getting wedged down that cave shaft (not!).

6. Not getting bitten by that wild pig!

Eating flamed pork by firelight in my camp.

Surviving the flames of the forest fire.

Grabbing the back of a logging truck at high speed (just!).

Getting pulled over by the state troopers looking like Swamp Man.

Finishing with my shoulder intact only three months after breaking it. I was very nervous on this one, but all came out well. Thank the Lord.

That is quite a list. And it sounds like an amazing episode! I can't wait.

This episode will be followed by another one at 10:00 PM in which Bear heads to Belize.

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