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Things NOT to bring to a BBQ

The weather is awesome tonight and before the Jay Mohr show, we're having a barbecue at my sister's house.

It is a "bring a dish" kind of barbecue . A potluck if you will of barbecue goodness.

It never fails though, someone will always bring something gross. Here's the JustSON Top 10 items NOT to bring to a barbecue.

1. Nothing. Yeah, don't be THAT guy. If you show up with nothing and try to eat one of my burgers I might have to push you off the deck.

2. Soy milk. Seriously? WTF?!!

3. One single beverage. Dude, come on. Let's go back to elementary school, either you bring enough for everyone or you don't get any. Also, don't show up with the Rainier and then drink all the Red Hook.

4. Veggie burgers. Gross! Usually this is the same person that brought the soy milk.

5. The same potato salad. Yes, the same one that you brought to the last barbecue of the summer in 2008. I can tell it's the same because of the extra green fuzz on the potatoes.

6. A pitcher of water. Ummm....pretty sure that I could get that out of a tap. Go home.

7. A live cow. That'd be like bringing a pig to a bacon party. If I can't throw it on the grill as it is, don't bring it.

8. A Pittsburgh Steelers jersey. Yeah, you I would definitely push you off the porch.

9. A full stomach. You're supposed to come hungry to eat the food. Not show up, eat a green bean and say you're good.

10. Something gross or not the "norm" of barbeque food. This means no sheep eyes, no sushi, no goat hoof, no cow udder, no buffalo dung, no ostrich throat. I don't care how "tasty' you say they are, the answer is no.

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