We don't stop hiking because we grow old, we grow old because we stop hiking. -- Finis Mitchell

Bike to Work Week

Did you bike to work today?

I ask this because this week (May 11-15) is Bike to Work Week.

Now many of you read those two lines and said to yourself, "I can't bike to work, it's too far." Well, if the distance to your work is greater than the amount of stamina you have, how about finding a closer place to park your car and ride that last few miles into work?

Maybe a park-and-ride or a shopping mall. Not only will the exercise be great for you (I'm sure you're like me and just sit on your butt all day at work) but it will also help to ease you're stress level. I'm sure that most of you sit in traffic for a good chunk of your ride home.
In addition to this week, May is actually Bike Month.

And perhaps the coolest news about bikes that I found today is the fact that again Washington was named the number 1 Bicycle Friendly State. Here's the complete list.

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