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Will Ferrell to join Bear Grylls on Man vs. Wild

In case you didn't know, we at Just South of North think Bear Grylls, host of Man vs. Wild is pretty cool.

Well, we follow him on his blog.

I just found out from his blog that the next episodes of Man vs. Wild will be really awesome.

They're both shot in the Arctic and in one Bear even does a Man vs. Wild Special Event where he brings along Will Ferrell for the episode.

Here's what Bear had to say:

I have just returned from two pretty full on shoots in the Arctic - the first was in Northern Norway for Man vs Wild and the other was in Northern Sweden for a Man Vs Wild Special where I took will Ferrell along for the ride!
More news and pics on all this to follow, but suffice to say it was both cold and a hoot! But these are two shows that I am especially proud of. It is a tough environment in minus 20 always and Norway really stretched me - more than I anticipated. I had a day of where I flew back to the UK to help at the Outdoor Show and then went out to meet Will before we got dropped in together for the Man vs Wild Special.
I really admire Will for taking the plunge and committing to come along, and he arrived with no entourage at all. Just him. I loved that. All I then asked of him was to trust me. We gave him a good briefing the night before and then we both got dropped into the mountains at dawn.
The rest will tell its tale in the show itself, but in summary: Will did amazingly, despite some quite hairy moments. I suspect people will be greatly impressed by him. And for me, it was so lovely to have someone along to laugh with!
I hope you enjoy both these shows when they air soon. Bear x

The dude is amazing and with Will in there. I am sure the episode will be hilarious. Can't you just image Will eating some bugs and moose poop? Epic.

He also has a pretty cool Web site over at beargrylls.com.

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