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Falconry blogs and the Outdoor Bloggers Summit

Today's post is a compliment to our friends over at Outdoor Bloggers Summit. Earlier this month they unveiled a new Web site and it is great! You can view it HERE or you can click the button to the right side of the page. Yes, right. Right that way and scroll down ====>

The sight is very appealing to the eye in a brown color and it looks like leather. The links are easy to find and the information is useful.

But my favorite section of the blog is the "Summit Supporter Blogroll."

This section lists all of the blogs that are friends with the Outdoor Bloggers Summit. (Yes, our very own Just South of North is on this roll)

The sites are, for the most part, outdoor sites. There are a number of categories that the supporter blogs are divided into depending on the topics that the blog covers. These include: Boating/Watersports, Fishing, Hunting, Hiking/Climbing and more. JustSON falls under the General Outdoors topic since when we do post about the outdoors, its a wide variety of topics. That's because we have a wide variety of interests in different outdoor adventures.

There are some great blogs on there too. They are all linked up through their names.

Today while I was on there, one section of the blogroll really caught my eye. And that was the section titled, "Falconry."

As I stated before, we have a wide variety of outdoor interest here, so I instantly thought, sweet birds! And then I thought, this is the next Northern Rangers video! So we'll se what we can do about that.

There are three blogs linked up on the Outdoors Bloggers Summit under Falconry: Another Falconry Blog, Harris’ Hawk Blog, and Operation Delta Duck.

I have looked around on all three and all three impressed me. Each one seems to update on a very frequent basis.

One blog on Harris' Hawk Blog really caught my attention. It was a post on Barred Owls.

Here's the link: http://hawkingharrisblog.blogspot.com/2009/04/barred-owls.html

But to get you to go to the site, here's a bit from the post:

Barred owls are a large owl that live over most of the eastern US. They have recently taken the blame for the decline in numbers of spotted owls in Northwest. One of the threats to many raptors are car strikes. There are a bunch of raptors that hunt along the edge of the roadway, and they sometimes forget to look both ways.

The pictures are great too, and it's a good story about trying to help animals.

Each of these blogs are worth a read, so check them out and learn something about a sport that I bet you don't know much about.

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