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Bored around camp? Try this.

Today has brought another day of lovely weather to Western Washington. Thanks to the great weather my dad and I decided to start our season of Bongo Balls early. Now you may be asking what Bongo Balls is, and the answer is simple, it's a great backyard game or campground game.

Now Bongo Balls is known by many different names. While looking them up on the Internet I found all these names for the game:

Norwegian Horseshoes, Ladder Golf, Snakes, Hillbilly Golf, Polish Golf, Horseballs, Tower Ball, Bolo Golf, Gladiator, Bola, Snake Toss, BlongoBall, Ladder Toss, Bolo, Rodeo Golf, Dingle Balls, Bolo Polo, Cowboy Golf, Redneck Golf, Pocca Bolo, The Snake Game, Willy Ball, Ladder Ball, Slither, Zing-Ball, Snakes & Ladders, Hillbilly Horseshoes, Flingy Ball, Top Toss, Norwegian Golf, Monkey Bars Golf, Swedish Golf, Polish Horsehoes, Dandy Golf, Montana Golf, Lasso Golf, Australian Horseshoes, Ladder Game, Monkey Balls, Rattlerail Toss, Golfball Horseshoes, Arizona Golf Balls, Spin-It, Ball Dangle, Bolo Ball, Poor Mans Golf, Bolo Toss, even Testical Toss!

Yes, it is truly the game of a million names. Now the thing with this game is that it's easy to learn, fun to play and great for the whole family.

But before you run out to the store and buy a set for $50-$100. It is really simple to make your own for under $30. Even less if you have the stuff laying around.

Here is a great site that explains how to cut the PVC pipe and to what sizes. VIEW IT HERE.

As for the balls, you need 8 normal golf balls (four of one color and four of a different color), a drill and some rope. Drill ONE hole all the way through the golf balls. Thread the rope through and tie a knot. Measure 1-foot in length and cut it off. Put the other ball through and tie a knot on the end. Do this for all the sets.

Don't worry about the balls going together on the string, the force of the throw will keep them at the ends.

And just as there are as many different names for the game, there are a million variations of the rules. Here is a site that explains one way to play. VIEW IT HERE. While that site said each player had 3 sets of balls, we play with just 2 each.

Once everything is set up go outside and have some fun. The game is great and is sure to be a hit with everyone in the family.

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