We don't stop hiking because we grow old, we grow old because we stop hiking. -- Finis Mitchell

Man vs. Wild: Wild wins this round

A true wilderness badass, Bear Grylls was injured on Friday while in Antartica.

The British adventurer fell and injured his shoulder while taking part in an expedition for Ethanol Ventures to promote the potential of alternative energies like bioethanol, Discovery said in a statement.

Grylls on Sunday was headed to the U.K. to get medical attention. The severity of the injury wasn't immediately released.

"Bear has a strong religious faith and a loving family to help speed his recovery," Discovery said. "Our thoughts and prayers are with Bear as he makes the long trip back to the U.K."

Apparently he was on an expedition to raise money for Global Angels.

Global Angels, an international charity that champions the needs of children. Grylls has supported the charity for the past few years.

Well, Wild may have won this round. But we'll have to see about the next. Oh, and Bear still has the coolest name, and wears the coolest pants on his adventures.

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